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The Gluten Free Restaurant Guide has identified restaurants that provide gluten free menu options or will modify their existing course offerings to accommodate those who are gluten intolerant.

For those restaurants that can accommodate the gluten free diner, we recommend informing your server as soon as possible. This way they can identify those meals that can be prepared to meet your dietary needs or consult with the chef on food preparation issues or concerns.

You can visit our various locations Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Los Angeles, Nevada, San Diego , Texas and Utah using the drop down list below:

We have made it easy for you to identify those restaurants that have gluten free menu choices by placing the icon under the restaurants listing. If the restaurant displays the following icon then this establishment will prepare meals in a way that accommodates the Gluten Intolerant diner. (You can also roll your mouse over each icon and it will remind you what the icons mean.)

We have added a new Specialty section to our site. This is where we identify establishments that are not covered in our restaurant sections this includes Gluten Free Bakeries or Coffee Houses that provide gluten free options. In this section we also identify restaurants that are Vegetarian Friendly. Our vegetarian friendly restaurants are identified by tthe following icon . (You can also roll your mouse over each icon and it will remind you what the icons mean.)

First you will need to choose a cuisine. Our categories can be rather broad in some cases but, the guide below will help direct you to where you need to look.

  • American -includes Classic and Contemporary and other variations of American cuisine
  • Asian – includes Chinese, Japanese and Thai
  • Casual Dining -includes a wide variety of local and nationwide franchise style restaurants
  • European – French, Greek, Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish and Persian
  • Fine Dining – includes restaurants that classify themselves as Fine Dining
  • Italian – this category includes pizzeria’s
  • Seafood – includes Steak Houses that provide both Steak and Seafood
  • Southwestern – Mexican and Southwestern cuisine
  • Specialty – Gluten Free Bakeries and Vegetarian friendly restaurants
  • Steak Houses – includes Seafood restaurants that provide both Steak and Seafood

Once you have a selected a cuisine, roll your mouse over that menu and then select a region, Northern Arizona, Phoenix Metro or Southern Arizona and finally click the City.

When using the Gluten Free Restaurant Guide you will see many repeats meaning national and local chains may have multiple locations within a given city and we list each and every location. If you continue your search, you will find many gems in our listings, we promise!

We have also added a feature called the Spotlight. This is where restaurants that provides gluten free menu items or can accommodate the gluten free diner can describe their establishments in hopes of gaining your patronage . We hope that you will take a moment and visit our Spotlighted restaurant section.

We are currently expanding this site to include additional major metropolitan areas including: Atanta, Boston, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, and major metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom will also be added in the very near future.

Happy Dining!

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